This is so exciting. I’ve been really nervous about this launch, but we have our first Kickstarter backers pledging so generously, encouraging me this dream can come true. 

Tomorrow Abbott Imaging and I will be back in the studio creating photographs for the thank-you postcards and the refrigerator magnets and some of the packaging. I’ll also be gathering friends at my dining room table to introduce them to pysanky making. 

In this and the coming project updates, I will include more images of pysanky from the collection. Here is the first egg I ever made that deviated completely from the more traditional patterns and colors I had been using up until then. By accident I had stumbled on a mix of dyes that resulted in a robin’s egg blue. The traditional colors are more primary. It just occurred to me, that I really could just do something completely different. To create this pattern, I ended up covering every bit of the egg with wax except those slivers of black, which were the exposed eggshell in the last, darkest dye. 

The Into the Ovoid story doesn’t really have room for this egg, but I can imagine it making an appearance during or after the closing credits. What do you think?