A few months have passed and happily the project is still on schedule, but perhaps only because the schedule is intentionally very generous to accommodate myriad other projects and chores I expected would be clambering for attention this summer. 

By mid-June I had sent out initial rewards (postcards and magnets) to backers who had completed surveys. I’ll get to more recently completed surveys starting again in late July.

Meanwhile I have been working on a detailed storyboard so Abbott Imaging and I can create the raw footage for the film in the Fall. It’s been a challenge finding enough time to write down and sketch out what my imagination is coming up with every day. It’s challenging because I’m taking a bit of time this summer to care for my 91 year old mother. Elder care is intense, but I’m happy to have this time with her.

Yesterday a neighbor broke one of the pysanky I had given her some years ago,  She was very upset, but I was delighted. Here I have another broken pysanka for the “Field of Shards” scene in the Into the Ovoid film:

 I don’t remember when I made this pysanka. Might have been in the 80s some time.

It has occurred to me while working on the storyboard that some of you might have particular wishes for what ends up in this film. One of my friends has asked for the sound of blown-out eggshells clicking against one another. Another mentioned being interested in the look of concentration on my face while I’m working on an egg. Although I’m not intending to be in the film myself, it might be cool to interrupt the time-lapse sequence where we show the process of making a pysanka. Maybe the camera can zoom in on a slow motion close-up of my eye reflecting the work I’m doing with my hands.

If any of you have ideas you would like to see or hear explored in the film, leave a comment here or send me a message. Of course I’ll happily credit whatever of your ideas make into the final film.