AT LAST! At long, long, long, long, long last. FINALLY.

I wanted a film I wouldn’t get tired of watching. And finally, on December 27, 2015, we completed a version of Into the Ovoid that is as good as we can make it. All the little problems and omissions in the version that we screened for the premiere 9 months ago are now resolved.

Of course the film I saw in my head three years ago was different. That dream film can only be shot in zero gravity featuring self-powered eggs dancing to the lush strains of copyrighted music. The film that Abbott Imaging and I made instead is a stop action animation trying not to look like it was all shot at an earthly 1G. It’s more than just dancing eggs, and thanks to some terrific musicians, it has an original soundtrack.

My next step is to get DVDs ordered. Here’s the DVD label I designed:

A rectangular version of this design is the cover image of the online video. The film is posted for viewing and download at:

It is password protected. I will send the password to each of you who supported at levels that include a DVD. If you don’t receive a notice from me, check for a private message on the Kickstarter site, or request the password from me via the contact form on

Into the Ovoid is 18:09 minutes (including the title sequence and credits). Unrendered, the film is over a terabyte of data. The video file is up to 3.01 GB for the HD 1080p version.

When I get the DVDs back from the manufacturer, I will be sending them out along with pysanky for those of you who supported at that level. I’ve been thinking about one-of-a-kind pysanky designs that match the generosity of your support. I can choose from among my best existing pysanky, but I am also making some pysanky from scratch for supporters who made special requests. Turns out, responding to requests opens up new inspirations. Here’s a sampling:

Over the next months, we’re going to try our luck with some more film festivals. At some point in the future, maybe I’ll find a distribution that recoups some of my costs. I’m not expecting success in either area, though. For one thing, this is a very oddball film. For another, I have zero contacts in the film world that can guide me in raising interest on the festival circuit or with distributors. You never know though…anything could happen.

By the time this whole project is completed, the total cost will probably be around $35,000. I have long since spent the $7,373 my financial supporters so generously contributed and since then have been raiding my savings! But I love the outcome. I hope all my supporters on kickstarter feel the same!

Happy New Year,